FAQ & Lodging


1. When do I need to make my reservations?
Captain Lee would like to have a 2 week advance notice to book a trip.   But he fully understands that is not always possible and will always try  to accommodate your short notice. So please don't hesitate to contact Captain Lee even on a day's notice.
2. Can my son or daughter go on the fishing trip?
Absolutely! Captain Lee started fishing at the age of 3 and loves teaching the sport to young fisherman.

3. When is fishing season?
We provide fishing trips year round based on weather conditions and local regulations.

4. What do I need to bring?
 We suggest you bring the following:
   A. Food and Drinks (we supply ice)
   B. Proper clothing for the time of season, including sunglasses,
       cap or visor.
   C. Ice chest to take fish home.
   D. Fishing License with salt water stamp.
   E. Camera and plenty of film.
   F. Sunblock
   G. Motion sickness medicine (for precautions)
   H. Protective Wading Boots (if needed)
   I. Wading belt and net (if needed)



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